Background Check Information

Volunteer Background Checks

We’re required to have all of our volunteers with contact with our girls background checked.  Since we are 100% volunteer run (even at the  administrative level), we’ve outsourced the background check to Girls on the Run’s Preferred Vendor, Unique Background Solutions, which provides a secure, paperless, web-based service.  To offset our costs, we ask  our volunteers to cover the cost of their background check, which is about  $7.50. payable directly to Unique Background Solutions via credit card. If you are uncomfortable completing the online background check, please contact me at, and we will supply you with a form to complete and  mail. To complete an online background check, please follow these instructions:

1.Using INTERNET EXPLORER or SAFARI as your web browser, visit

2.Log-in to the website with the secure username gotrac and password volunteer. Enter the “AUTHORIZATION CODE” gotracvolunteer and click “CONTINUE”to enter the site. (authorization code is case sensitive).

3.Once you have logged into the system, please read the agreement and click “Agree”.You will be taken to the ‘CREATE PROFILE” page.

4. Fill in the appropriate information on the electronic order form. ALL FIELDS IN BLUE ARE REQUIRED. Please include the street address. No other information is required on this page. When you have entered all the appropriate information, please click “CONTINUE”.

NOTE: When entering the SSN, just enter the number directly.The system will tab you to the next text box automatically.Once the last number is entered, the system will “blank screen” as the number is propagated.When entering the DOB, no need to place “-“ or “/”.You must enter a zero in front of any month or day that is a single digit number.Example: May 5, 1985 enter as 050585.Lastly, when you enter in the Zip Code, the system will automatically propagate the state. You will need to enter the city and street address.

5.Select the GOTR Screening Special Package– AIM2COPS.Once you have selected this package, please click on “CONTINUE”. (It will be the only package to select)

6.Review the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT DISCLOSURE NOTICE. This is the release form that is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 2002.Make sure that all of your information is correct and select “I AGREE” and click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page.

If you select I DISAGREE, your order will be erased from the system and you will not have a background check on file for your council.

7. If you “agree”, your order will be automatically submitted.

If you are paying by credit card, you must click the PAY NOW BY CREDIT CARD button. Your order will be submitted automatically when your payment is ‘approved’ and you click on the OK button

GOTRAC will receive confirmation that you have completed your background check within 24 hours. We will contact you with more information.