Frequently Asked Questions

1. My daughter can only attend one day per week. Can she still register? 

We prefer that the girls miss no more than four days of practice per season.  The curriculum is not as effective when there are frequent absences.  Additionally, this takes the place of another girl who would be able to attend every practice.

2. I can’t afford to register, even at my income bracket, with sliding scale registration. Can you work with me?

If you’re in a period of financial hardship, we will work with you. The online registration has a “financial hardship” section that will allow you to register for whatever you can pay.

3. I’m unable to complete a 5K or cannot do so at my daughter’s pace. Do I have to select a running buddy for my daughter? 

No. We have background-checked community volunteers who love running and are eager to help.  We would LOVE to see you train for and complete the 5K with her, though.

4. Why isn’t there Girls on the Run at my daughter’s school? 

We create teams around available volunteer coaches and schools willing to allow us to practice using their facilities.  If you’d like to see Girls on the Run at your school, please e-mail us, and we can work together to try to create a site at your daughter’s school.

5. My daughter has never been active before. Are you sure you can prepare her for a 5K? 

Yes. See you at the finish line. We will cheer for her whether she walks, runs, or crawls.

6.  Can I be a running buddy if I can’t make practices?

Yes. Buddies just need to be at the Practice 5K and at the 5K event.

7. Can I attend practice with my daughter ?

If you’d like to help coach, that’s great. If you’d like to observe from the distance, that’s great, too.  However, we find that parents participating in our games/workouts interrupts the team bonding.